Leaving 2016 Where it is.

There are no words to describe this year. I can’t even began to process the heartbreak that it has awarded. So, I’m leaving it here and I am looking forward to starting fresh and new in this coming year. 

Pray for me, friends. Keep me in your thoughts and I will see you and cherish your kindness and loyalty in the new year.

Merry Christmas and a, hopefully, Happy New Year. 

A Little Cookbook Collection

In college, I formed a close relationship with my children’s book professor. Her name was Mrs. Newton and she was so thrilled by my excitement toward her class. I wasn’t the best illustrator but I was the most enthusiastic about the course. Writing for children’s books, in particular, came naturally to me and her own work as an author inspired me greatly. I took the class seriously even though it was a pure pleasure course. She gave me gifts along the way because she knew I would appreciate them. One of the last gifts she gave me was an illustrated cookbook named A Little Thai Cookbook. Read more