Typography has quickly become a love of mine. I love experimenting with different fonts and layouts. While I prepared pieces for my senior showcase this past May, I decided last minute to create some typography pieces. Surprisingly, they we’re a hit during the show. My professor handed me a short list of fonts to useRead more

Home and Other places

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is willing to take care of me. After graduation, I didn’t have many (any, really) options as to what I was going to do. Work in the city is so competitive and for graphic designer’s of Philadelphia, work slows down immensely. Without a job, I hadRead more

Trying Something New

I’ve been on this incredible kick to trying new things. I would like to say my trip to Boston has started it but I can’t really pen point when I began to develop this overwhelming need to break from my normal routine. Maybe it happened this past May after graduation or maybe even further thanRead more