So Much To Talk About

I know it has been a really long time since I have blog but school kept me really busy. I’m excited because It was so easy for me to return with the same love for blogging that I had before I left. I know tons of people that got busy and left their sites behind but I’m happy to start up again and I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new one!

Like the title says, I have so much to talk about. My life has changed, for the better, over the last six months that I have to share. Of course there have been some downs among the ups but I’m loving life.

First off, I am officially a college Graduate! Yup, you are reading the rants of a certified Advertising/Graphic Designer. Now, I will admit that my degree says I have one in Specialized Technologies and instead of it reading “majoring in Design” it just says “art” but hey! It’s a degree. Even though my school was entirely too lazy to separate the design majors from the illustration majors. It’s all good!

Secondly, I am the author of a Children’s Book! I wrote and illustrated the thing myself. It’s so weird. I had the idea for the story on the bus on my way to school so, I wrote it down on a napkin. Next thing I know, I’m spending my nights producing sketches and coloring images in Adobe Illustrator. My original plan was to use it in my senior showcase but word got around and people began requesting copies of it. Now, My book finished and on sale! The title of the story is What Love Is Like and it is the sweetest little story. I swear.

I’m also in the works of writing and designing a second book. Although it is a collection of love stories, It’s not for little children but it is/will be really romantic. I tackled this project with my best friend Ariana, who has joined me in running my portfolio/project site Reticent Studio. Check it out!

Even with all of this craziness, I was able to finish all of my projects for my senior showcase (Which I will have pictures of soon!) and was able to get my first freelance job that got me a pretty hefty check!

Hey? Did I say how happy I was? But enough about me. How are you?!