I used to think that being home meant that I would settle into a stable dwelling place. In high school, my family started to move around a lot. We were conditioned to live out of unpacked boxes because we knew the next move was inevitable. It wasn’t until I met Josh that I found stability. I say ‘stability’ because I didn’t find home until recently. Let me explain.

Home isn’t just the place you lay your head at night, it’s something you make. It’s something that gives you comfort and contentment. It’s something you build and rearrange a million times. Home is the place you love to be and what you want to share with the ones you love. I’ve found it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of having this house. At one time in my life, we didn’t have four walls of our own but just because you live in it and own it, it doesn’t make it yours.

My home is one where the dog chases the cat because he knows secretly she loves it under all of her hissing. One where my Husband comes and gives me a big hug just as he comes in from work because he had a hard day. Home is when Netflix and ice cream in a salad bowl is an acceptable date night and where my husband thinks I look beautiful with a messy bun held up by a knitting needle while wearing an oversized Arrested Development T-shirt.

When we were given the keys to this place, Josh held my hand and said:

“I’m going to make this place your home.”

I believed him and expected him to. I realized now that most of my disappointments were stemmed from those expectations. How dare I let him carry that weight on his shoulders alone! It was something we had to do together. And it was never going to be MY home. It was going to be ours.

It is ours.

Sunny Sundays

I’m not feeling to good today and staying in bed all morning with nothing to watch on television has given me way too much time to think so I thought I’d come up with a way of brightening up my day instead of sulking and feeling sorry for myself. So here are a short list of things that make me happy.

Carbs. I know this sounds terrible but I love bread, pasta, rice etc! I’m sorry but you can’t convince me to take them out of my diet. The end.

Spicy anything. I hate to make this a list of foods but I can’t live without spicy food. If it were up to me, everything would be spicy. I add red peppers to almost every dish I cook. Well, almost every dish I cook for myself.

Cleaning. I have a habit of channeling Monica Geller when it comes to a clean house. I clean every morning, no matter how little of a mess the apartment is in. I’m not home most of the day and I like coming home to a clean bedroom. I couldn’t sleep otherwise.

Art. I wouldn’t have gone to art school if it didn’t make me happy.

PMS color swatches. They are expensive but when I find them, I keep them. I think it’s just the designer in me but they have provided so much inspiration in my art and other life choices. Weird and kind of dorky, I know but I love them.

I guess I better save some for another Sunday. Feel free to make your own Sunny Sunday list!

My Recent Projects

Now that I am a graduate (and currently unemployed) I have had plenty of free time between interviews, freelance work and job applications to take on projects during the summer. Before I decided out of the blue that I was going to art school, I wanted to be a writer. I remember swapping stories with my high school English teacher in the early mornings before class and writing plot lines in my notebook during math class. That’s probably why I did so terribly on math test but that’s a story for another blog. Anyway, I had (and still have) a very vivid imagination. Oddly enough, a very vivid but realistic one. I don’t know if that makes sense but it’s the only way I can describe it.

My best friend Ariana and I would always write stories. Unlike most friends, we didn’t do too many things besides concert going together but we were still able to be as close as sisters. We didn’t even plan to go to the same college so naturally, when we went on our own paths we drifted away. I moved to a new state and started school and she stayed behind to do the same and we never had time for one another. We communicated occasionally but we just didn’t have the time. Lately, our passion for writing has added a spark back to our friendship and I must say, I’m enjoying every second of it.

Last December, I mentioned to her that I was writing a story and she quickly revealed to me that she was doing the same. For the first time in a long time, I felt like we were hanging out again. We talked for hours about coming together for a project and it just felt right. After a few days of brainstorming, we finalized our plans to write a collection of love stories and publish them. Whether it be self published or picked up by a publisher and now, here we are. I’m in the final stages of putting this book together and getting out there. We didn’t really care if other people liked our writing. It was something that brought us closer together. Something that we both gave great dedication.

The name of the book is Collective Short Stories, Volume one: Love. It contains six short love stories that are both realistic and fantastical. We do plan on coming out with other volumes in the future. We both had a great time writing and sharing with one another and we want to do the same with you. The book is not entirely ready but you can download a sneak preview with the link below! We hope you enjoy it!

Download a Preview of Collective Short Stories, Volume one: Love!