Day to Day: Best Friend Trip to Niagara Falls

I have been trying to take my best friend, Ariana, on a trip to Niagara Falls, ON, Canada for the longest time and I finally got to take her for her birthday this year. I love traveling with her because she is so adventurous and really enjoys trying new things. She’s always trying to push me out of my comfort zone and it’s nice to have a friendship with someone who challenges you! It can also be very terrifying at times but I always manage to survive, haha! Here are some highlights of the trip.

You can’t go to Niagara Falls and not get the obligatory falls and rainbow picture. Here you go, mate!

Never again will I get in something that goes this high and feels like I’m going to fall to my death. This was certainly something she pushed me to do and I was not happy, LOL. I wish I had the video she took of me practically soiling my pants. I didn’t like it. 

We managed to visit a day or two before Canada’s Thanksgiving day so we tried the thanksgiving Poutine and it was a delicious sloppy mess of potato and gravy goodness. No regrets, people. 

We didn’t hold back on the sweets either. We tried a cute little Gelato place and I had heaven in a cup in the form if amaretto and pistachio gelato. Every time we meet up some place, it is a tradition that we find french macaroons and try a bunch of wacky flavors. I don’t know if we just didn’t pick the right flavors or if these were just terribly executed but they were probably the worse we have ever had. They were cute though! 

We took a trip to the botanical gardens so that we could get a glimpse of Niagara Falls in the Fall. It was a gloomy day but everything was still so beautiful. Isn’t this the saddest rose you’ve ever seen?

I had to save my favorite experience for last. I wasn’t leaving until I returned to Queen Charlotte’s Tearoom. This place is magical and whimsical and makes my heart swoon. I didn’t get a very ladylike meal because there was no chance I was picking a chicken salad sandwich over bangers and mash. I was the adventurous one this time and pushed for us to try the Scottish caramel toffee tea and it was so gosh darn good.  

All and all I think it was a much needed trip between us friends. She and I have been best friends for 14 years and we don’t get to see one another much because of distance. I can’t wait to see what adventures we go on next together!

So Much To Be Happy For

Warm weather. Visits to the Zoo. Meeting new friends. Seeing old friends. Countdowns to vacation. Trips to the shore. Late night fires in the garden. Fuchsias and Ranunculus. Best friends with new jobs. Husbands with new dreams. Loved ones with new homes. Dogs who learn new tricks. Cats that break old habits. Cuddling. Movie date nights. Cheer up date nights. Date nights, dang it!

Strong brewed tea in the morning. Effortless dinners at night. Wearing flower crowns for no reason. Afternoon naps on the couch. Watching British television on the kindle. Painting with watercolors on the front porch. Wearing new clothes. Hiding Birthday presents. Yard sales. Snail Mail. Beatrix potter books. Sherlock manga, Japanese kitkats and kimmidolls.

Buying a vintage typewriter. Toasted Italian bread. Planting a veggie garden. Eating homemade donuts. Vintage handkerchiefs. Etsy sales. Lemonade all of the time. Going days without seeing the in-laws. Good health. Great Love. Better life.