2016: Reading List

Reading is certainly one of my all time favorite hobbies but has, unfortunately, become one that has fallen to the wayside. When I was in High School, I used to write short stories and first thing in the morning, on a school day, I would skip my breakfast and head up to my English teacher’s class. He would read my stories and correct them and in exchange he would give me a book to read. High school was such a hard time in my life and having literature as a way to escaped them momentarily was a lifesaver. Maybe it can be again.  Read more

2016: Things I Would Like To Do

Anyone that knows me, knows that my Life List is small and very straight to the point. I like to call myself one but I am not an adventurer. I have the heart of an explorer but I don’t have the guts of one. I was never one to imagine big for my life because there is nothing I hate more than disappointment. And I am impatient. Boy am I impatient. That is why I don’t make list and I never make promises. I think I might be getting a little off point.

Back to it now, I am surprised at how at ease I am with daydreaming lately. I don’t like to have expectations or be someone with, what’s the word for normal individuals?…optimism! No, that’s not me. Well, it usually isn’t but I went ahead and  created a list of places I would like to go and fun activities I would like to do this year. It is an honest miracle. Let’s get to it.

Places I would like to visit in 2016

Scranton, Pa. 
Joshua and I are huge fans of The Office and we recently started watching it again while we waited for our regular line-up of shows to come out of hiatus. It rekindled our love for it. Scranton is literally a short drive away and it is near ski resorts. They no longer run a bus tour but there is a map you can download to take a walking tour of The Office and it seems simple and fun. 

Chicago, IL
My sister moved to Chicago almost three years ago and I haven’t been yet. It was always our dream to visit and she made her dream a reality and moved there. I am so jealous! I plan on booking a ticket to see her this Spring and visit the place that she and I talked so much about in our teens.

Tampa and Orlando, Fl
My best friend recently moved there and we agreed that I would visit her and we would make it a priority to visit Disney World, Harry Potter world and all of the other cool and exciting places there are in Florida. I can’t wait to ride Space Mountain and drink Butter Beer!

Montreal, Qc, Canada
Just like Niagara Falls, Montreal is incredibly accessible from where I live. Especially if you go by train. It’s a 13 hour train ride but the train is usually spacious and scenic. Long train rides are my favorite and the ride to Canada is taken through picturesque New York State. I’m really looking forward to the French Culture too. I’ve done some research and there are so many things to do there. I can’t wait! 

Rome, Florence and Venice Italy
Right now, this is up in the air because of my health. My doctor is not sure I should go that far in my current state so we’re waiting for the okay for this but it’s still very exciting for the chance to go. Joshua is going regardless because it’s a required residency for his degree and if i don’t get to go, I’ll send him with a list of things to lug home.

Things I would like to Do in 2016

Go Skiing
I have never been and like I said above, it is near Scranton. We could kill two birds with one stone. Why is that even a saying?

Go Ice Skating
They recently opened a new one at City Hall here in Philadelphia and I want to see Joshua fall on his butt, haha!

Eat at The Dandelion
This place has been on my wishlist for a while but we booked reservations there for Valentine’s day! It’s a really cool British themed pub and has rave reviews here in the city. 

Eat at Poi Dog
I have seen this Hawaiian and Filipino food truck around the city a few times and it always smells like heaven! The menu is always interested and I would really like to try something new. 

Eat at Tampopo
Another on my list of restaurants. It is a Korean and Japanese place in Rittenhouse Square that I’ve been trying to get to for years now and I’m going to take the leap. 

Visit the Lions Brand Store in NYC
I love yarn and Lions Brand is probably one of my top favorite brands because of their variety. Their headquarters are in NYC and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten there yet. 

Watch the Animated Oscar Nominated Shorts
This one is a semi-tradition of mine. I went in college with my class and enjoyed seeing them so I try to go every year. I’ve missed a year or two but I want to go this year even if it’s by myself. 

Install Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves in the Reading Nook
Our house has this lovely little nook with an arch and in the nook sits the original built in solid wood benches on each side of it. A semi-circle stained glass window sits over the windows and there is an old pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling. To put it simply, it is my favorite area of the house. Right outside the nook is a fairly decent sized area that I have a couple bookshelves in but I would love that wall to be covered in books! Joshua and I are plotting the plans and I’m hoping that by summer they will be installed. 

Attend the Philadelphia Flower Show
This is one of those things I talked myself out of going because of the price. Like, why would I want to spend $30 to look at flower displays? But, every year the theme gets cooler and cooler and I become more of an adult and this year I would really like to make the effort to go.

The list is not that long as of yet but I have a feeling it’s going to grow. In the meantime, I’m going to try my hardest to get the items on this list accomplished. 

What are some activities and/or places you want to do or see?

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