Life Goal: Own A Home

Apparently owning your own home means:

You get to spend hundreds of dollars on curtains and window treatments alone.
A living room wont feel complete without a variety of throw pillows and picture frames.
You can’t rush making an old house feel like home.
There’s more than enough room for creativity
The property belongs to you. You can put as many nails in the wall as you want.
A majority of your purchases in the first month will be for the kitchen.
Home grown tomatoes
Being afraid someone is going to break in and steal all of the things you just bought
You’ll have your repair men on speed dial
The lawn will have to be clipped more than once or your neighbors wont like you
You can’t forget trash day. Don’t forget trash day.
Your utility bills will be a great deal higher than when you lived in a small apartment
The cat has more corners than you can count to attack you from
Tons of natural light actually means ” Summer sweat lodge.”

And I’m sure there is so much more I’m going to learn. I’m finally home.