Creative Cap: Cheering Myself Up

Today I’m not writing about the Bernat Blanket Stitch Along because I’m not done with this week’s part of the pattern. This week was way too emotional for me and I took a step away from the crochet hook because, in my current state, it started to feel like a chore and I have been having too much fun with the making of this blanket to let it feel like a burden. So, I put my creativity into relaxation by trying to find ways to cheer myself up.  Read more

Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along

Today marks the first day of a new series that I wanted to start on the blog. I’m trying my hardest to be more organized when it comes to my life. I kind of do things as time permits but I got my hands on a planner and I’ve been laminating schedules around the house. My plan it to be more active and as I become more active, I want to get a grip on my consistency. It’s has been great for house work so I hope to transition some of that good luck into my blog because my blog means a great deal to me. Anyway, back to the series.  Read more