I used to think that being home meant that I would settle into a stable dwelling place. In high school, my family started to move around a lot. We were conditioned to live out of unpacked boxes because we knew the next move was inevitable. It wasn’t until I met Josh that I found stability. I say ‘stability’ because I didn’t find home until recently. Let me explain.

Home isn’t just the place you lay your head at night, it’s something you make. It’s something that gives you comfort and contentment. It’s something you build and rearrange a million times. Home is the place you love to be and what you want to share with the ones you love. I’ve found it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of having this house. At one time in my life, we didn’t have four walls of our own but just because you live in it and own it, it doesn’t make it yours.

My home is one where the dog chases the cat because he knows secretly she loves it under all of her hissing. One where my Husband comes and gives me a big hug just as he comes in from work because he had a hard day. Home is when Netflix and ice cream in a salad bowl is an acceptable date night and where my husband thinks I look beautiful with a messy bun held up by a knitting needle while wearing an oversized Arrested Development T-shirt.

When we were given the keys to this place, Josh held my hand and said:

“I’m going to make this place your home.”

I believed him and expected him to. I realized now that most of my disappointments were stemmed from those expectations. How dare I let him carry that weight on his shoulders alone! It was something we had to do together. And it was never going to be MY home. It was going to be ours.

It is ours.

Recipe: Pink Vanilla Cake Truffles


This will be our first married Valentine’s Day and we wanted to make it last so, we’re going to celebrate the entire week with little surprises. Making cake truffles can be tedious and when you’re making them for just two people, you don’t need a ton of them so I went into the kitchen and put together my own recipe for a small batch of these chocolate covered pink vanilla cake truffles.

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A Married Fight

This loving newlywed wife spends almost her whole afternoon looking at Groupon for a cheap getaway with her clueless husband.

Wife: Would you want to go to Williamsburg, Va?
Husband: Yeah! I know so and so wants to go as well.
Wife: (Silence)

Her anger grows in stages. Let me explain.

Stage One: Hurt and anger

Wife gets upset and is hurt by her husband because apparently a “Romantic Getaway” includes Jim and Jane. Therefore, when her husband (Who doesn’t entirely know why he’s in trouble. Which, by the way, makes her even more angry.) asks her a million times “what’s wrong, honey?” because he notices tears fill her eyes, she angrily ignores him.

Stage Two: Hurt but willing to communicate if asked for the the millionth and one time

Wife is calm and realizes she was wrong for shutting down on her poor clueless husband (which she hopes has realized what he’s done wrong) and is willing to talk about the situation now. Only if he asks though. Husband gave up a while ago because nothing he has tried has worked. He still has no idea what he has done wrong because his wife hasn’t told him.

Stage Three: Angry and hurt again but multiplied by the craving of chocolate

Wife is angry and hurt again because she thinks her husband doesn’t care. Chocolate will make anything better but there is no chocolate. Why is there no chocolate?! Husband disappears. Where is the husband?!

Final Stage: Sadness and defeat

Wife feels misunderstood and thinks her feelings don’t matter and decides that there is no point in trying to explain herself anymore. It’s time for a pity nap.

Sounds a teeny bit dramatic and maybe a smidgen of crazy but this is how the wife feels.

Well…until the husband let’s his wife nap for a cozy two hours after he reappears with chocolate to make, his now refreshed wife, happy and sane enough to open up and talk about the problem.

*Note: Yes, this is about me and the only reason my husband is clueless is because I’m an awful communicator haha! The poor guy!*