I don’t know what to say. This will be the millionth time that I have sat here, tapping my fingers on the keys of my laptop, thinking of the words to described what happened that day. Time spent thinking of the perfect pictures to share that show exactly how in love that I was/am. I’m nearly speechless.

All I can say is that nothing, not a single thing, went as I planned them. Not the cake, my hair, schedule, decorations, nothing. Somehow, I managed to make it through with a smile. Some tears too but happy ones and a lifetime of love, companionship and blessings.

So, I’m sorry if this isn’t the photo riddled, wordy/sappy post you might have been hoping for but hopefully you’ll leave here understanding the joy that is and will forever be my life. Even when things don’t go exactly as I planned them.


I’m sorry I went missing for a while but it was with good reason. I’M MARRIED! I promise, I’ll be back soon with more pictures and details. I just have a little more settling in to do and organizing on the blog front. I missed blogging and blog hopping!

Thanks for being patient!
– Mrs. Liken

My Proposal Story

I thought that our date to Linvilla Orchards was a serious spur of the moment trip. We talked about apple picking the week before but we didn’t make concrete plans. I was a little worried about going to an orchard a day after a rainy one but the weather was supposed to be perfect and Josh made sure to triple check it. I guess that should have been my first clue. He could care less about what the weather is like. This is the gym teacher that wears shorts in the snow.

The drive to the orchards was funny and beautiful. We were hoping that the trees there would be a multitude of colors but the drive was incredibly scenic. There were more colors on the road than there were on the fruit trees. We were also hoping that his car wouldn’t die on us. His poor 93 Honda Accord is on it’s last leg and every time there was a little smoke or a sound, we would burst into hysterics and reminisce about the many times we spent a date or anniversary in a tow truck. By God’s grace we made it there safely. We even got a great parking spot.

I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of people that were there. When we thought of an orchard, we envisioned quaint and romantic but it gave off more of a carnival/fair feel which we quickly became okay with. We held hands and watched families walk by and I got to swoon over how much Josh talked about his want for a family of his own. After people watching for a little while, we grabbed a map of the grounds and went on our way.

We explored and did things we never even thought of doing before. We took a hayride (hay is really comfortable to sit on by the way), used an apple sling and even ventured in a corn maze. When we finally took advantage of all the more exciting activities, we decided to take a nice stroll through the apple orchards and grab a few to take home. We grabbed a box and went on our way. We made our way through the pink lady apple trees and picked a few golden delicious. Even though, I don’t actually eat apples, I thought the trees full of the colorful fruit looked so beautiful. On our way back toward the registers, we took a small break in the shades of the granny smith trees so that I could get pictures of the different variety of butterflies that were fluttering everywhere. I had no luck getting good pictures of them so, when Josh saw one, he quickly pointed it out and I went chasing after it. After getting all the shots I wanted, I turned around to show him the photos I had taken and to my surprise, he was down on one knee.

There we were, in the middle of an orchard. Him on one knee and me crying tears of joy (a first). Now that I think about it, I feel really bad because I remember asking him “Are you serious?” a million times but he just smiled and reassured me that this was all real and that he wanted me to be his wife. I said yes. It blew my mind.

As we made our way home, so many things became clear to me and I apologized to him so many times for it. For the past year or so, I complained and I cried about how I wanted a stable home, loyal friends, honesty and faithfulness from the people that I love and he provided those things for me all along. I couldn’t thank him enough in that hour drive home but that’s okay. I’ll have forever to do so.