I don’t know what to say. This will be the millionth time that I have sat here, tapping my fingers on the keys of my laptop, thinking of the words to described what happened that day. Time spent thinking of the perfect pictures to share that show exactly how in love that I was/am. I’mRead more


I’m sorry I went missing for a while but it was with good reason. I’M MARRIED! I promise, I’ll be back soon with more pictures and details. I just have a little more settling in to do and organizing on the blog front. I missed blogging and blog hopping! Thanks for being patient! – Mrs.Read more

My Proposal Story

I thought that our date to Linvilla Orchards was a serious spur of the moment trip. We talked about apple picking the week before but we didn’t make concrete plans. I was a little worried about going to an orchard a day after a rainy one but the weather was supposed to be perfect andRead more