Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along

Today marks the first day of a new series that I wanted to start on the blog. I’m trying my hardest to be more organized when it comes to my life. I kind of do things as time permits but I got my hands on a planner and I’ve been laminating schedules around the house. My plan it to be more active and as I become more active, I want to get a grip on my consistency. It’s has been great for house work so I hope to transition some of that good luck into my blog because my blog means a great deal to me. Anyway, back to the series.  Read more

Currently: Knitting a Shawl

Finding ways to process my grief has been a challenge. The only good thing I can gather from recent events is my sudden and strong urge to follow everything I do to completion. I can’t say that I am entirely sure that this new-found energy is healthy but it sure has been useful and productivity is always a God send. Especially, when it comes to the upkeep of this 100-year-old house. Let me tell ya. Read more