Whimsical Joy Studios Giveaway

Do you love owls? And sending snail mail and/or decorating with pretty things? Well, it’s your lucky day! 

I’m giving away a little package from the Whimsical Joy shop and all you have to do is a few little things to win!

What you get:

  1. Black and White Floral Pen
  2. Handmade Envelope
  3. Tiny Vintage Spool of Floral Fabric Tape
  4. Whimsical Joy Studios Chevron Owl Notecard

And it all comes sweetly packaged in a natural drawstring gift bag! Excited?! Enter Below! Contest ends February 21 2015!

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I’m Currently…

Decorating. Well, attempting to. This past holiday season, we finally decided that we needed a new couch. The first one we got was a hand me down and with each day we began to hate it more and more. It was way too big and had absolutely no character. The dog gnawed at the bottom of it and we just didn’t care. We were a little shy about buying a new couch at first because of the cost but ultimately we picked one and it has been the best decision we made as a married couple yet. I also noticed that it gave us a clean slate to work with decorating wise and we’ve taken full advantage of it. When it’s all done, I’ll get some pictures of it. I sort of wish we had taken before and afters. Oh well!

Crocheting a Canadian Flag baby blanket for little baby Ezri Jessica and her momma, Carolynne. I feel really bad that I’m not doing too good at getting it done in a timely manner but it’s taking more time than I thought it would. Poor Ezri will be full grown before I get it done, haha! But I’m hoping that Carolynne likes it and that it’ll be something they can hold onto for a while. The pattern I came up with is really simple but somehow simple translated into time consuming. I love to crochet and I would do it all day if I could but I wish I could get it to them sooner!

Sewing and Screen printing. Screen printing, in a nutshell, is a pain. It’s rewarding when you finally get the result you want but it has been trial and TONS of error. My sewing machine has been on the fritz too. Sometimes it will literally chew and spit out the fabric. I haven’t used it very long and I’ve tried looking up what I might be doing to cause the problem but all signs are pointing to me needing a new machine all together. 

Drawing lots of owls. Just because I wanted to. They were a really good exercise and I was able to turn them into a mini calendar for Kya

Are you currently working on new projects?

Christmas Card Exchange: Year Two!

Last year I hosted a Christmas card exchange here on the blog and I received some really sweet cards from some friends here on the web. As the Christmas season approaches, I’ve been itching to pull out our decorations and jump right into celebrating and one of the first things I managed to sneak out were the cards I received from you lovelies the year before. I LOVED receiving my cards last year and plan to incorporate them into my holiday decor in a fun way. The messages were really heartfelt and genuine and they really show how people can be involved in your life even though you all live miles away. I’m hoping that this year is just as successful!

It was really exciting to see how different every card was! Every single one of them wowed me. Here’s a little break down on them.

  1.  Chynna – She knew I loved Sherlock so it was an instant win. Plus, it was funny, adorable and her penmanship is on point.
  2.  Amy – Amy’s card went right on my tree when it arrived. It’s so stinking cute! And when I opened it, there were more surprises inside!
  3.  Cat – The design of this card was so whimsical and breathtaking. It’s one of those cards you wished you designed first and her message touched base on all the events of the that year and that was special to me.
  4.  Melissa – It was really amazing to get a card in a different language! I have always been curious about how people of different cultures celebrate the holiday so, that was awesome. Beautiful card!
  5. Kya – She designed it herself. I mean, can you believe how cute this is? Her art really is inspiring and her words in the card were as well. They seriously gave me the boost I needed as an aspiring artist.

So, onto this year. Do you want to exchange a card with me?! I looking forward to sending out cards again (and a few surprises!) and would love to receive one from you as well. I mail internationally! All you have to do is email me your Name and Address and I will respond to you with mine in an email at joy@whimsicaljoy.com with the subject CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE.

Please let me know by December 10th if you want to exchange cards with me. Hope to hear from you soon!