I used to think that being home meant that I would settle into a stable dwelling place. In high school, my family started to move around a lot. We were conditioned to live out of unpacked boxes because we knew the next move was inevitable. It wasn’t until I met Josh that I found stability. I say ‘stability’ because I didn’t find home until recently. Let me explain.

Home isn’t just the place you lay your head at night, it’s something you make. It’s something that gives you comfort and contentment. It’s something you build and rearrange a million times. Home is the place you love to be and what you want to share with the ones you love. I’ve found it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of having this house. At one time in my life, we didn’t have four walls of our own but just because you live in it and own it, it doesn’t make it yours.

My home is one where the dog chases the cat because he knows secretly she loves it under all of her hissing. One where my Husband comes and gives me a big hug just as he comes in from work because he had a hard day. Home is when Netflix and ice cream in a salad bowl is an acceptable date night and where my husband thinks I look beautiful with a messy bun held up by a knitting needle while wearing an oversized Arrested Development T-shirt.

When we were given the keys to this place, Josh held my hand and said:

“I’m going to make this place your home.”

I believed him and expected him to. I realized now that most of my disappointments were stemmed from those expectations. How dare I let him carry that weight on his shoulders alone! It was something we had to do together. And it was never going to be MY home. It was going to be ours.

It is ours.

Life, Links and a Giveaway


I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve had this extreme need to nest. I want everything to be clean and look nice. I’ve been sewing, gluing and ironing for weeks now. It’s been fun but exhausting all at the same time. Maybe one of these days I’ll have the guts to take pictures of my humble abode. When I say humble, I mean humble.

I got invited to participate in a craft show on Boathouse Row here in the city! It feels really good to be recognized for my work and have someone reach out to me to be a part of something like this. I struggle in the self-confidence department but slowly I have been learning to open up and get over my fears. So Happy!


I think it’s really important to support other people when they are doing something good or inspirational and there are so many bloggers out there doing phenomenal work. Here are some of my current favorite post and projects.

An Excerpt by Chynna at theinvisiblechild.info
Scalloped Cake Edges by Cat at silent-white.com
Blogging 101 by Stephanie at everydayephee.com
Offically A Green Belt by Amy at kekidoll.com
Craft Corner by Mija at malice.honey-vanity.net

The Giveaway **Open Worldwide**

If you don’t know, I took a leap of faith and added art work to my Etsy, Whimsical Joy Studios, and I’m really excited and encouraged by the support and interest I’ve been getting. I wanted to host a giveaway for a little while now so here’s your chance to win a 4 In Moon and Stars Art Hoop from my Etsy.

Winner: Richard @ rchde.com

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on March 7th 2014 and I will announce the winner sometime Saturday. So, be kind and tell your friends. Thank you very much!

What I’ve Been Up To This December


Are you ready for Christmas? I’m not normally as accomplished around this time of year. I’m usually the one in panic about what I’m going to get loved ones or how I’m going to get the money to get anything. To be honest, I’ve never been this stable minded. I finally have a permanent home and the means to purchase gifts. I even got everything done on my monthly list and December is only a little more than halfway through. I somehow managed to prepare for a craft show, see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on opening night, decorate the house for Christmas and even sell some of my art. It’s been a very profitable few weeks; physically and emotionally.

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