Back From Boston

I’m going to be honest. I was a little skeptical about making Boston my vacation destination but the beauty of the city and mass amount of things to do, did not disappoint. In three short days and two nights, my friend Ariana and I were able to accomplish so much. I don’t have nearly enough time to talk about everything we did during out visit but I’ll take you through a few highlights.

New England Aquarium
It was a little sad that my first aquarium experience wasn’t spent with Josh because I did my first zoo visit but I enjoyed myself at the New England Aquarium. They had dozen of adorable penguins, hundreds of exotic fish and a beautiful facility. Ariana and I took our time watching the penguins have the time of their lives.

The Food
Vacation was our excuse (as is anyone else) to pig out. We ate at a lot of places but the two that I loved the most were the original Cheers Bar and South Street Diner. I know I’m a little young to have watched Cheers but I did and it was cool to visit the place it was filmed. I was also really excited to visit South Street Dinner because I saw it on an episode of of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I more excited to visit it than I was to eat at it though lol.

The City Itself
Historical. Skyscrapers. View of the harbor. Beautiful parks. Endless possibilities. That’s all I’m going to say.

Well, I have a book to finish and I’m working on some new recipes and crafts to share. Later, everyone!

City Hopping!

I’m so excited to be able to go on vacation! It will be the first one in about nine years. I feel weird because it’s my first vacation as an adult. Meaning, I won’t be with my mother or siblings. It’ll just be me and my best friend hanging out in a new city.

So, I’ll be gone from tomorrow, June 21st until the 25th and I’ll be updating along the way. My trip is a little more complicated than my friends because I have to meet up with her but this is how it will go!

June 21st: Philadelphia to New York City
-I arrive at her house some time in the evening. We chill and sleep because we’re up at four the next morning.

June 22: New York City to Boston (Our vacation destination!)
-We leave at four in the morning to catch a 6am bus that will get us to Boston at eleven.
-We arrive and check into The Courtyard Marriot Hotel and have lunch
-At noon we catch a cruise ship in the Boston waters
-At 1pm we visit the Boston Aquarium
-At 4pm we visit Paul Reveree’s House
-At 6pm we have dinner

June 23rd: Downtown Boston
-8am breakfast
-9am Old Town Trolley
-10am Bunker Hill
-12pm Old Town Trolley
-2pm Lunch
-3pm Old House
-6pm Dinner

June 24th: Self Tour of Boston and Back to New York City
-Bus leaves Boston at 6pm and We arrive at 11pm

June 25th: New York City to Philadelphia
-I leave NYC at 6:30pm and arrive In Philadelphia at 8:30pm

Well, I know that seems like a lot for such a short amount of time but we wanted to make the best of the short time we will spend in Boston. Do you have any vacation plans this summer?

Sunny Sundays

I’m not feeling to good today and staying in bed all morning with nothing to watch on television has given me way too much time to think so I thought I’d come up with a way of brightening up my day instead of sulking and feeling sorry for myself. So here are a short list of things that make me happy.

Carbs. I know this sounds terrible but I love bread, pasta, rice etc! I’m sorry but you can’t convince me to take them out of my diet. The end.

Spicy anything. I hate to make this a list of foods but I can’t live without spicy food. If it were up to me, everything would be spicy. I add red peppers to almost every dish I cook. Well, almost every dish I cook for myself.

Cleaning. I have a habit of channeling Monica Geller when it comes to a clean house. I clean every morning, no matter how little of a mess the apartment is in. I’m not home most of the day and I like coming home to a clean bedroom. I couldn’t sleep otherwise.

Art. I wouldn’t have gone to art school if it didn’t make me happy.

PMS color swatches. They are expensive but when I find them, I keep them. I think it’s just the designer in me but they have provided so much inspiration in my art and other life choices. Weird and kind of dorky, I know but I love them.

I guess I better save some for another Sunday. Feel free to make your own Sunny Sunday list!