Irrational fears

While spending time with my nieces this weekend, I found myself running from the most ridiculous things they were afraid of. After about five minutes in Walmart, we had to leave because my seven year old twin nieces were afraid of the Justin Beiber promotional poster (no lie). After laughing hysterically in the parking lotRead more

It was my birthday

And I had a good time. Most of everyone I know was away on that day so it was just Josh and I. He planned the whole thing out himself. We took a two hour drive to Lake Octoraro for a picnic. I’ll tell this story in pictures! (sorry about the terrible quality!) The lakeRead more

Home and Other places

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is willing to take care of me. After graduation, I didn’t have many (any, really) options as to what I was going to do. Work in the city is so competitive and for graphic designer’s of Philadelphia, work slows down immensely. Without a job, I hadRead more