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It turns out that all I really needed to do was hold myself up in my craft room and use my hands to make pretty things. I still have my bouts with anxiety but it’s been so peaceful and relaxing for me lately. I’ve noticed a difference and so has my poor husband who has been put in the middle of it. Talking to loved ones about the situation with my brother-in-law has helped as well. I’ve established that our home is my safe zone and I have the right to not want him there if he’s not going to respect me. There really is no talking to him about anything and I won’t waste my time talking about him anymore. I feel so free.

I’ve also made the decision to pursue my art and crafting ventures. Everyone has been so supportive with their kind words and actions. It’s been so fun seeing people purchase and displaying my work. It’s truly unreal. I’m taking small steps to get things going and I’m even setting goals for myself. As motivation, I set a goal to pay for a mini vacation for our 1 year anniversary. I want to be able to say that I contributed to this marriage. My husband tells me everyday that I’m doing an amazing job but I need this for myself.

I was patient and tried screen printing again. I think it turned out so well and it was so much fun! I printed my design on tea towels and I hope to have them for sale soon.

I took the time to brand myself. I wanted to reflect my personality by hand-drawing it.

I also made some new art and I’m collecting them to put up for sale. I’m really looking forward to joining upcoming craft shows. I want to get myself out there and break out of my shell. I even thought about applying to the Renegade Handmade Craft Show in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. I doubt I’ll be accepted because they get high volume of applicants but I’m learning that you have to put yourself out there to grow. Here’s to trying!

11 thoughts on “Craft Happiness

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and have something figured out in regards to your brother-in-law! I think it’s good that you view your house as your safe zone, which is what it should be 🙂

    I really love your logo. It has a very personal feel to it, and I feel like it matches with your works! I’m looking forward to seeing the new things you’ll be selling 🙂 The previews look nice so far!

    I hope you’ll be accepted to the craft show too. Good luck!

  2. I love your work – it’s so beautiful. I’m excited to see what you put for sale and how I can help! Good luck with your goal, I’m sure you will make it!

    I love the ‘Once Upon A Time’ design, btw.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better with everything 🙂

  3. Good luck with the business and with the show if you get accepted – I’m sure they will!!

    Your typography is beautiful! how long did it take for you to package and print everything? I want to bring out some card/postcards and it’ll be a great insight from someone more experienced than me 🙂

    Happy to hear about the positive outlook too!

  4. You’re so creative joy! I really love your work! I’m looking forward to seeing the new things you’ll be selling! Your work so far looks amazing already! 🙂


  5. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and have established some boundaries. You are completely right, your home is your sanctuary and you have the right to refuse entry to anyone who makes you feel anything other than relaxed. 🙂

    Your designs are so pretty! ^^

  6. I seriously love craft happiness! Although I don’t make anything to sell, I do enjoy crafting. I am a huge cross stitcher and most nights that is what I will be doing on the couch while watching movies. It is so relaxing and I find it challenging at time as well. It keeps my mind active, my heart happy 😀 Good for you and I sure hope you continue with your success.

  7. oh my gosh I love that craft happiness!!! I love just getting away from everything and everyone and being in my own little quiet creative place it does make me feel better I make stuff because I need to have an outlet, when you sit and do nothing you can over think things sometimes. I like to be busy and make my ideas a tangible reality 🙂 so glad you are doing better Joy! Love your logo 🙂 and that screen print is awesome 🙂
    Good luck with renegade or any craft fairs in your future can’t wait to see more of your work 🙂

  8. I love your work! I like things that are text based, so this was really interesting to me. I’m looking to buy a house within the year and I’ve request the one thing in the house for me is some kind of office, or craft room so I can work. It is a ‘safe place’ Good luck with your new art adventures!

  9. I’m glad things are getting better with everything going on, and that your anxiety is easier to deal with.

    Your prints are gorgeous! I’m so proud of all of the amazing things you’ve been up to and I can’t wait to see what else you come to create!

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