When I accepted Josh’s marriage proposal, I accepted way more than I realized. I accepted that he wanted to stay in this city (a bit too close to the in-laws) and that this was going to be my home. Love blinded me when I made the decision to settle down in this, what I thought, dead end location. I complained about it’s noisy people and it’s streets that seemed to be cramped with houses. I would even complain about the little things like how young the trees are on our street and how my children would be taller than them once they were teenagers. My poor Husband would apologize each time (but not agree to move. How about that?) until one day, he grabbed my hand and said:

“Let’s go for a walk.”

I knew when we bought that house, that we were in a sought after neighborhood. It’s not nearly as ritzy as the neighboring Chestnut Hill but Germantown is a scenic, historic and diverse part of Philadelphia. There are grand homes that still stand and are inhabited after a three hundred+ years. Some of them so amazingly preserved by generations of families. Many of the streets still have the original cobblestone and brick road (ours included!). Some of the landscaping is as old as some of the houses. Our home is 113 years old and we found out that our azalea bush was a wedding gift to it’s original owner and is 92 years of age. I mean, wow.

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone during my walk home from work. They really don’t do the beauty of Germantown justice. I think it’s safe to say that I’m smitten.

Original brick sidewalk
Original brick sidewalk
Swoon worthy entrance
Swoon worthy entrance
Old home covered in charming vines
Old home covered in charming vines

8 thoughts on “Germantown

  1. I love the look of the old house covered with vines! I think it’s nice to see old places that are still beautifully preserved 🙂 That’s amazing that your azalea bush is 92 years old! That’s great that it’s been taken care of for so long and is still around. When I first moved to Austin, I wasn’t a fan, but over time, I kept finding little things I like about it, and now I love it here. I hope you’ll like your location over time as well!

  2. I am really glad that you have grown to like the place and have been able to see the beauty that is there. It is truly amazing to be in a place with homes being so old and having so much history. 🙂

    Love the photos! 😀

  3. Beautiful captures!! Some things are definitely worth to see with your own eyes. The neighbourhood seems to hold a delicate beauty of the old world. There’s just something about standing on an original brick sidewalk, and wondering what kind of journey its gone through. I’m usually not a fan of coloured doors but that red door looks just so inviting!!

  4. Yikes, if my boyfriend & I got engaged, I would no doubt be really depressed if I was forced to move to Florida, but I like his parents a lot. Are your in-laws overbearing or just not very…friendly toward you? I don’t think I’ve had this experience myself, but my parents are difficult to please if the guy I’m dating aren’t at the calibre they think I deserve hah! Anyway, I’ve never visited PA before, but I’m sure Germantown has its perks! It just took a walk & you figured that out real quick. Plus, who says you really have to be stuck there? I mean, living somewhere to raise your kids is a huge decision & it should be made as a couple! Also, there’s no way that there are houses there that have been standing for thousands of years because America was settled in the 1600s so it’s realistically only been hundreds of years. The natives didn’t build any castles, but if they had, Europeans would’ve had more trouble trying to conquer it.

    There’s so much charm in the older cities & I’m glad that you’ve come around to appreciating the history of it. I think a lot of people tend to take it for granted with the glitz & glam of other cities with huge skyscrapers, but the brownstone charm stays #1 in my heart. Surely this time of year, the trees are yellowing. Take tons of pictures of Germantown for us!!

    1. My in-laws are…let’s not go there, lol. As far as the thousands of years, you’re right. I read it a million times (i’m exaggerating again, haha!) and I said “hundreds” each time. So much for proof reading. I think he’ll come around to moving soon-ish. We may have to if the school district continues to get worse.

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