Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along

Today marks the first day of a new series that I wanted to start on the blog. I’m trying my hardest to be more organized when it comes to my life. I kind of do things as time permits but I got my hands on a planner and I’ve been laminating schedules around the house. My plan it to be more active and as I become more active, I want to get a grip on my consistency. It’s has been great for house work so I hope to transition some of that good luck into my blog because my blog means a great deal to me. Anyway, back to the series. 

Creativity is a part of who I am as a person. People can gather that I’m crafty but I don’t think I showcase it enough. Part of that is shyness and a lack of confidence but I want people to know that I am capable. I want them to know that creativity is an important part of my life. So, the “Creative Cap” will be my major link to my crafty side on here. Every Sunday I will post about my current projects from the week, along with current events in my life to make myself more personable. 

This month is a great time to start because I have had the pleasure of joining a Mystery Stitch along with Carolynne and it has been an amazing way to bond with someone else who can crochet and knit. Joann Fabric’s has a mystery pattern for an Afghan using Bernat Blanket yarn. One part of the pattern is revealed to us each Monday of October and it has been so much fun. It’s really cool getting to swap photos of our progress and vent certain frustrations with one another about counting stitches and the texture of the yarn.

Even though I, personally, have had a hard time with the pattern, it was such a relief to sit down and relax after a stressful day. Joshua and I found out the hard way that we had a leak in the bathroom so we hired a plumber to come in and find it. We’ll, in the process of trying to find the leak, the plumber broke our brand new toilet. It was already a long day but we ended up needing to go out to Home Depot at 9 pm to buy a new one and when we got back, the Plumber left us a note saying that he would have to come back on another day. After running around so late, all I wanted to do was have a cup of tea and crochet. It was the perfect cool down of the day. 

 The pattern being a mystery is pretty cool. I’ve never made a blanket that is/started in the round but I enjoy being a part of something like this. I went with the colors blue, green, yellow and white. The yarn is much thicker than I am used to and that caused so many issues for me. I had to pull the project out more than three times just to get it right. It was a pain but it challenged my skill set with crochet. I can’t wait to see the next few stages and I can’t wait to continue sharing thoughts, progress and experience with Carolynne!

So, until next Sunday!

Yarn is Bernat Blanket Yarn
Pattern is a Joann Fabrics/Bernat Mystery Stitch Along


6 thoughts on “Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along

  1. YAY! So excited to be doing this project with you!! It’s so fun to connect about things we love. BTW, your photos are beautiful. I really have no creative juices when it comes to photography, so you are amazing 😀

  2. Good luck with getting more organised. I am sure that you can do it. Just don’t be too hard on yourself either. You are still healing and sometimes, things just take time.

    I think that you are amazingly talented and the work and things you make are brilliant. I hope you can gain more confidence, because you are brilliantawesomeamazingallthewords!

    A mystery stich along sounds like such a great concept. 😀 It would be a challenge, but a good one.

    Oh man. Don’t break the toilet plumber. :'(

    The stitching looks delicious.

  3. Eee! I love the concept of this new column/segment, and I hope this will help you stay organised and keep up with all your projects! I also think it’s great to share with what you’re creating 🙂 I may not be interested in crafts like you are, but I do appreciate what people can do with their skills! So keep on sharing.

    The way Mystery Stitch works is also neat! What a way to keep people engaged by revealing pattern one at a time. I can’t wait to see the finished afghan ^^

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