Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along Week 2

This week’s pattern reveal was such a relief. The Afghan that we are crocheting is starting to square out and this section was much less challenging than the last part. Which, in turn, allowed to me accomplish some other cool handmade projects this week. 

Lately, I’ve been very convicted to have a handmade home. I’ve noticed that we spent money on items that we often have to replace because the quality of merchandise now-a-day is cheaply made but more expensive as time goes on. It bothers me so much because Joshua and I both believe that we should spend money on quality things when we can so that we don’t have to continually waste money on cheap junk but cheap junk is now expensive junk. You can’t win. That is why I chose to knit and crochet us some washcloths.

Making washcloths are a bit pricier than buying them at a department store but they are customizable and they last so much longer than store-bought ones. I’m using Sugar’n Cream brand cotton yarn to make them now but I might shop around to see if I can buy a better quality cotton. This brand is perfectly fine though and has an amazing stitch definition. The washcloths are also very pretty because I can basically make them however I want and they get softer and softer with each wash. I made a couple of scrubbies for my face cleansing routine and they work like a charm. 

I have mixed feeling about this weeks pattern reveal by the Stitch Along. Although it was much easier for me to do this go around, it also meant that I was done with this week’s challenge a lot sooner. It would have been nice to spread the time working on it along the week but now I’m just more excited for the next part of it. 

It feels so good to have a burst of creative energy again.

5 thoughts on “Creative Cap: Mystery Stitch Along Week 2

  1. I totally know what you mean about things not lasting. I want to invest in quality pieces but sometimes it’s just not within budget.

    I’ve never thought about making my own wash clothes before, but it seems like a smart move. Like you say, you can customise them to how you want them to look. I’m considering making my own cushions for our sofa as I can’t find any that I like!

  2. The mystery stitch sounds like a fun thing to participate in! I like the colors you chose for the Afghan, and it’s coming along great 🙂 Hopefully the next part will be a little more challenging, so it lasts longer.

    I really like the idea of a handmade home. Not only do you get the customize it however you want, but it gives more of a personal feel to everything. I try to do the same for some things in our home. For example, I make all of our curtains, and I’d like to make some pillow cases too. Love the idea of making your own washcloths!

  3. What a good idea to make your own washcloths. While they are fairly affordable at the store, they do fall apart pretty quickly. The ones we have we’ve had for a year and at least one of them already has a tear. Plus, yours are so much cuter! I really like the design of the blue and yellow one at the bottom!

    I love handmade, homemade things. They feel so much more personal and are almost always better than what you can find in the store. I like to make gifts for people for that reason because it feels more personal, however it can be really time consuming, so sometimes I will just buy something instead.

  4. I love how awesome you are at crocheting! Better quality things are usually expensive but it’s worth the extra cost often times. Pretty cool that you made your own washcloths! I can see how this will long laster than buying the ones from the department store. Even more, you’ll make your guests jelly about the cool DIY stuff you have at home :D. I can imagine you making your own ~everything~ eventually ;).

  5. That is such a brilliant idea to make your own wash clothes! 😀 Even though it might be a bit more expensive, you have a quality item with the handmade touch, that you created yourself. 😀

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