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In college, I formed a close relationship with my children’s book professor. Her name was Mrs. Newton and she was so thrilled by my excitement toward her class. I wasn’t the best illustrator but I was the most enthusiastic about the course. Writing for children’s books, in particular, came naturally to me and her own work as an author inspired me greatly. I took the class seriously even though it was a pure pleasure course. She gave me gifts along the way because she knew I would appreciate them. One of the last gifts she gave me was an illustrated cookbook named A Little Thai Cookbook.


My homemaker/crafting personality shined brightly in art school and my professors encouraged me to own it. Mrs. Newton mentioned that she thought illustrated recipes could definitely be a niche of mine because of my interest in art and cooking. I still haven’t tried my hand at it but her gift sparked a deep love in me for illustrated cookbooks. Since then, I managed to gather a few of the books from this illustrated collection.  

The paintings in these books are so adorable and inspiring that I can’t even handle it. When I’m cooking from them, something about having them feels so right to me, like they speak directly to who I am as a person. I think it’s so important to own items that feel personal to you and resonate the kind of individual you are. I love it when we have guest over and they can see that every inch of our home tells a story about who we are.  These little books fit perfectly into my life. I personally use the Thai, English and Irish cookbooks the most.

There are several more to the collection but I don’t like to rush into a purchase. I like to use the books that I have until I’m so in love with certain recipes that I remember them by heart and then I move on to the next book and try to fall in love all over again. I hope that everyone can find pleasure in simple items like I these.

Also, if you’re interested in starting a cookbook collection at all and have an interest in learning amazing techniques, Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy is the perfect book to start with. I started using this book when I wanted to add a little fancy-ness to stay-at-home date nights and it has been a hit. This book is definitely for anyone interested in learning specific cooking techniques without having to go to culinary school. I chose this book because I’m always trying to learn new things in the kitchen so that I can use what I know during the holidays and special Sunday meals. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Do you have a collection that you personally connect with?

5 thoughts on “A Little Cookbook Collection

  1. This is a cute collection of cookbooks! I love how they’re illustrated and how they each have a theme. I think it’d be amazing if you gave illustrated recipes a try. It really seems like you’d be good at it! Taste & Technique sounds like a great book too. I like learning new cooking techniques, and it definitely makes cooking more interesting. Thanks for the recommends!

  2. I’d be intrigued to see what recipes are in the English cookbook! As a Brit I actually find British food really bland and boring. I much prefer Italian, Indian and Mexican.

    The illustrations/paintings look beautiful. I’m a bit obsessed with retro cookbook even though I don’t do a lot of cooking!

  3. Those books look so awesome and it is really lovely that they mean so much to you. 😀 It is nice to have those kinds of things around you, especially when they allow great inspiration. 😀 <3

    Blaaah, not a good illustrator. Lies! I think you are terrific! 😀

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