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Guys, I have eaten A TON of food lately, oh my gosh. Josh and I don’t typical get to go out for dinner dates. Well, it is really hard to get Joshua out of his comfy chair to leave the house. I mean, he is a major homebody! And when we do go out on dates, we always end up at the same old boring chain restaurant. Now, I won’t lie. I can be a bit of a picky eater. Okay, I am super picky about the food that I eat but we have both proven that we can come out of our shells a little bit by trying different food from different and exciting cultures. 

The foodie adventure started in Toronto this past September but we brought that courage home with us back here in Philadelphia. Here’s a short recap of a few our favorites!

Smoke’s Poutinerie

You can’t walk by Smoke’s in Canada and not get Poutine. If you haven’t had poutine, its basically a pile of french fries doused in gravy and cheese curds. If you haven’t had Smoke’s, its that french fry, gravy and cheesy goodness topped with more toppings than you can think of. I had the classic poutine and Joshua topped his with pulled pork.

I have been stalking the instagram account of this amazing Hungarian pastry shop for years now and I finally summoned the courage to track the place down in Toronto. The cones are these super soft doughnuts covered in sugar and cinnamon. It’s first stuffed with spreads and sauces galore. Then, topped with ice cream and other incredible things. It was a solid 45 minutes of dessert heaven, I’m not even kidding!

Here in Philly, this cute little Hawaiian/Filipino/Japanese fusion restaurant has easily become a favorite. The food is so complex in flavor that its really hard to describe how amazing and unique it all is. My favorite dish is the Mochi Nori Fried Chicken. This was our first time trying the Pork Belly Adobo and Oh.My.Gosh is it good. Like, i’ll risk the heart attack and love handles good. Take a look at their amazing menu here.   

The pork belly was so good that we wanted to try making it on our. We were going to try and attempt the Pork Belly Adobo but a cookbook that I’ve been holding onto, The London Cookbook by Aleksandra Crapanzano, has this amazing recipe for Japanese braised Pork Belly. There are so many recipes in this book that Joshua and I want to try, its not even funny. I love this book because it contains recipes from restaurants from all over London. Everyone knows that London is number one on my list of places to go but with my health and our quest to start a family, cooking from The London Cookbook will have to be the closest thing until we can get there. Its packed with photos and information. Its definitely the perfect cookbook if you’re looking to get out of your foodie shell.  

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

9 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. Yum, food! I haven’t been to Canada in a long time, but the next time I’m up there, I need to try poutine! Having pulled pork on it sounds amazing. The desserts you got at the Hungarian pastry shop look so good too.

    Yay, I’m glad you’re still going to Poi Dog! I love Hawaiian food, so that’s great that you have a good place to get it at. I remember you ordered the fried chicken dish when we met, and it looked delicious!

    I love pork belly so much, and it’s been a long time since we’ve cooked it. The last time we did it, we slow cooked it in the oven, and it was so tasty. That looks like a good cookbook too! London has a lot of good eats!

  2. Omg, that Hungarian desert thingy looks amazing! :O Since you called it desert heaven it must’ve tasted as good as it looks? Yum!

    I’ve honestly never heard of poutine before. But french fries is one of my favourite foods, so it sounds like something I’d love to try. Pulled pork is always good, so I can imagine it’s great with french fries too. 🙂

  3. Om nom nom nom! The food photos are making me hungry! I’ve never tried poutine, but I definitely know of it. I should try it one day, but I’ve a feeling the poutines here aren’t really authentic!

    That Hungarian pastry shop sounds like a dream. I’d totally check the place out, too *_*

    Fusion food is always awesome. I’m a big fan of fusion dishes! Man, you’re making me hungry now XD Thanks for sharing!

  4. When I went to Philly, I could not find a Filipino fusion restaurant anywhere! I’m glad to hear that there is one now. I’d have to fly to Philly sometime next year to visit Jax so that we can go to Poi Dog! And adobo anything is sooooo delicious!

    Philly is definitely a good place for foodie adventures, I’m glad you got to venture out. 😀 PS Have you tried Hai Street Kitchen?

  5. Oooo all your food looks so good. You are getting so adventurous, I just love it!! The fusion place you mentioned sounds so cool. And your cook book looks interesting. Maybe I’ll see if the library has it!

  6. I think I’m a little bit in love with the look and sound of that Hungarian pastry shop. I already want to go to Canada – wonder if this will be enough to convince my husband we should go haha

  7. “Well, it is really hard to get Joshua out of his comfy chair to leave the house.” – I connect with this on a deep level, lol. Sometimes it’s just so much better to stay in!

    Poutine is SO good. I always said I wouldn’t have poutine for the first time until I was actually in Canada, so when I visited Vancouver last year you best believe I got my hands on some. CHIPS, CHEESE AND GRAVY? Genius! UHhhhh, I am so hungry now! That dessert place looks amazing

    JOY! YOU HAD PORK BELLY ADOBO! OMG, YAAASSSSSSSS. I love the idea of a Hawaiian/Filipino/Japanese fusion resto. Also, hmmm, love me some spam musubi.


  8. you guys went on some cool dates! Everything looks so yummy!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only who food stalks on instagram lol!!!!!

    Also, I totally know how josh feels. When I get home from work I go into comfy mode as well! Especially during the winter!

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