Yarn Crush + Work In Progress

If you didn’t know, I love crafting and tea. And if you know me well, you know that I often won’t do one without the other. It just feels right and it soothes my soul. Lately, I feel like I’ve been betraying myself by not sharing more of my crafty side here on the blog. I also have been consuming an unseemly amount of tea without pairing it with a little D.I.Y but I have forgiven myself. 

One, because I’m not afraid of putting myself out there anymore. I’m always shy that my skills are nothing compared to other handy ladies but no more comparing. This is the year of bravery! Two, well, because I recently had a terrible health scare that took away the use of my hands. Don’t worry though, I am about 55% percent back to health and we are fairly certain we know what has been causing it. Plus, you can’t go too long without having a good cup of tea, am I right? 

Before I start of lose you, I want to introduce you to two new post themes I want to start this year. 

Knitting and crochet are two of my best hobbies by far so, my current obsession with wool and other fibers makes total sense. At the mo, Scheepjes Catona is my current yarn crush. 

Scheepjes is a Dutch brand that I have fallen head over heels with. Their supply is only carried in one store in the states and is only offered for US shipping in a limited supply online but it is so worth tracking it down. I’ll admit that I am a little bit of a yarn snob. I don’t like how acrylic or cotton yarn feels on a hook or needles so I tend to avoid buying them but Scheepjes Cotana is so much different. It’s 100% mercerized cotton and is so easy to work with. It’s heavy duty and has an amazing stitch definition. 

And that brings me to my next theme.

Work in progress is pretty self-explanatory. The moment my hands gave me a little room to work, I picked up a crochet hook and started working on my Sophie’s Stool Kit using Scheepjes Catona. I’m still a bit rusty and I probably messed up on this pattern a million times already but I am proud of what I was able to do with my poorly hands. I’ll continue to make it up and I’ll be proud of it once I am done. I mean, how gorgeous is it going to be?!

Let me know!
1. What kind of hobbies/supplies are you crushing on?
2. Do you have any works in progress?

5 thoughts on “Yarn Crush + Work In Progress

  1. Glad that your hands are doing better! How scary!

    I’ve been meaning to try crocheting . I even bought stuff to do it with, but never started, cause well had no idea. XD Probably should try sometime.

    And that is coming along lovely. So pretty!

  2. It’s always comforting to find something that makes you happy. I’m sorry to hear about health scare but I’m glad you’re back in the game, slowly but surely. You got this, girl!

    I’m looking forward to your new themes on the blog. You’re so talented, Joy, the world deserves to see it, as well <3

    I don't have any hobbies going at the moment, unless you count binge watching Korean dramas as one, lol. My current WIP is my book and gee whizz, I'll keep you updated, haha!

  3. I am so pleased that you are sharing these and more of your creations because I adore them. Personally, I can’t understand how you would think your work was not the most amazing thing because I think it is. 😀

    Yum. The current yarn looks delicious. Since you care so much about your projects, it makes sense that you want a yarn that is good quilty and suits your needs. 😀

    Eeee. I adore what you have created. It would be really hard when you are having troubles with your hands! I hope you are proud of what you have made. 😀

    I have been trying to practice my traditional art skills (hahaah). Using a mixture of pencil, marker and watercolours. I need to invest in some better paper, but I worry that I might waste it with terrible sketches haha.

  4. I’m happy to hear that your hands are getting better and that you know what’s causing it! I definitely agree on the no comparing thing. It’s not about who is better than the other. It’s about sharing things we love!

    Your stool cover is already looking beautiful! I can’t to see how it looks when it’s done 🙂 My current hobby supply crushes are art-related, since I’m back into art again. I’m currently working on a painting for an art trade!

  5. I always wanted to know more about crocheting and such but I am glad that your hands are better and that you know exactly what caused it. That sort of diagnosis can help you find a way to treat it.

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