Beiler’s and Pho Cali

My sister moving to Philadelphia has been such a lifesaver. A year later and I still continue to struggle with Postpartum Depression but having my sister around to help me through the days when Josh is off at work is such a blessing. I still struggle when her work schedule demands her time during the daylight hours but I’m so much less anxious and sad than I used to be. One of our favorite mood changers are our sister dates.

Something about my anxiety has made me afraid to go out and explore Philadelphia on my own. Which, I think, has made it so hard for Philly to feel like home to me. My sister is a busy body though and has been encouraging me to get out of the house and explore. So, we picked up and made our way downtown.

If you have never been to Philadelphia, one of the must-go places is Reading Terminal Market. It is this bustling little hub for amazing food, novelty and produce in Philadelphia. It’s always crowded and fast-paced. It’s perfect for the New York City girl that I am. If you find yourself here one day, make sure you stop at Beiler’s Doughnuts.

This popular little Amish bakery churns out some wild doughnut flavors. My sister’s go to is the Maple Bacon doughnut. I’m a simple girl though and will always go for the strawberry-filled. They are so fluffy and yummy. I really can’t do them justice with words.

After a little bit of shopping, we went to Pho Cali for a warm bowl of pho. There are a number of pho places in Philly to try but pho Cali is the only one I have been to. I love that Josh has stories that he has been able to share with me about his days in High School here so, it feels a little bit like home. Plus, the food is really good!

It was long day and I had spent all of my spoons so we got some Boba and headed back.

Philly just may start to feel like home.

4 thoughts on “Beiler’s and Pho Cali

  1. I’m glad your sister lives near you now and that you both are going on sister dates! I didn’t get to try Beiler’s Doughnuts the last time I was in Philly, and I’m sad I missed out. I love doughnuts, and those look amazing.

    And yum, I love pho! It’s a dish that feels so comforting to me, especially if it’s cold outside. Sounds like that was a fun day 🙂

  2. I’m glad you have been able to spend more time with your sister and slowly rebuilding your relationship with Philly as well 🙂

    The doughnuts look so fresh! I am a simple girl when it comes to sweets and candy. I like original doughnuts and am not a big fan of ones with too much icing or sprinkles I don’t mind having one every now and then though.

    I have been craving pho soooo much lately so imagine how I felt when I saw your photos, haha! It’s winter in Sydney at the moment and it’s perfect pho weather.

  3. That is so nice you’ve been able to spend more time with your sister. It’s also great you’ve been exploring more of the city. Sounds like a fun place to live. I hope to come and visit you one day! I will definitely have to make a stop at that market and also the Rocky statue

  4. It is so wonderful that you have such a strong relationship with your sister and she is able to support you and help you through a very difficult time. It makes me smile to know that you have that helping hand, especially when it has been so hard for you. It’s great that you were able to spend some time out and explore. I am sure over time you will be able to do this alone, just small steps. 🙂

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