The area of Philadelphia that I live in has a lot of history and my neighborhood, Germantown, and the two surrounding neighborhoods, Mt. Airy and Chestnut hill, pride themselves on preserving that history and it’s original structures. It’s one of the reasons why it was our dream to move to this part of the city. Josh and I are enamored with the stories that old homes hold and it was no doubt in our mind that we were going to purchase an old home. And it was an added bonus that this particular neighborhood held such rich American history in every step.

We don’t get to explore much, sadly, because of my health and Josh’s work schedule but one morning, I shook off the dread of my daily struggles and hopped on the bus that connects us to Chestnut Hill with my sister for a little fancy morning sister date.

Keeping up with the Idea of preservation, the owner of the Restaurant, Cake, built this adorable eatery inside of an old greenhouse. They made sure to keep the original cobblestone flooring and one of my absolute favorite features is the original water fountain that sits in the middle of the store. And let’s not forget all of the seasonal plants that lined the walls. For someone that is obsessed with her garden and can be quite surely be called a crazy plant lady, this place was more than I could ever hope for.  

I wont keep you here for long but I will leave you with a couple snapshots of Cake and our yummy food.

7 thoughts on “Cake

  1. Ah! This sounds like precisely the place I’d love to visit! There aren’t many places here that embrace nature or old buildings, and franchises are more likely to do that than new businesses (here in Dallas, at least). The more pics I see about your surroundings, the more I want to visit it, haha.

  2. This place looks amazing! I need to visit you in Philadelphia and you’ll have to take me to all the yummy food places. The food looks so delicious!

  3. The food does look delicious, and very cosy/homely 🙂 I am also a sucker for nature in a cafe or eatery. I’m really loving the light coming through there too!

  4. That place is beautiful!!! I would want to just live in that cafe, or at least eat there daily if I could!!!! Your town seems so lovely!!

  5. It sounds like such a lovely place and it would be awesome if you could move there! Having an old home would also be nice, with a lot of history and a journey to making it your own space. The Restaurant looks like it has a great vibe, the plants add a lot of natural magic. Mmmm that food.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful place and that food. I wish I knew places around me that had old history like that but sadly, it’s no longer like that. I hope you get better Hugs

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