The Author

Hello, my name is Joy and if you were interested enough to read more about me, I probably think we’re friends now.

No, but really, I wear many hats and I am equally modest about my abilities to perform each one. If I had to name those hats though, they would be an artist, developer, writer, reader, knitter, crafty-woman, homemaker and urban homesteader. My favorite hats are Wife, Believer, Pet Mama, Mama to my sweet angel baby, Mattie, and another little one that I never got to meet. 

I’m a New York City girl who moved to Philadelphia for love and an Art degree. I’m painfully awkward and shy.  I’ve been through a lot too and there is probably more to come but I still believe in happiness and hope and all of those other soul-warming things.

Oh! And I still believe is fairy-tales =).

And if you weren’t sure about being friends, I’m a pretty ace at baking cookies too, I’m just saying. You know, because luring you in with baked goods is not creepy or anything. 

About Whimsical Joy

Whimsical Joy is a personal blog that I use to write about life, occasional travel adventures, books, art, homemaking and my many crafty endeavors.