A Little Cookbook Collection

In college, I formed a close relationship with my children’s book professor. Her name was Mrs. Newton and she was so thrilled by my excitement toward her class. I wasn’t the best illustrator but I was the most enthusiastic about the course. Writing for children’s books, in particular, came naturally to me and her own work as an author inspired me greatly. I took the class seriously even though it was a pure pleasure course. She gave me gifts along the way because she knew I would appreciate them. One of the last gifts she gave me was an illustrated cookbook named A Little Thai Cookbook. Read more

Creative Cap: Cheering Myself Up

Today I’m not writing about the Bernat Blanket Stitch Along because I’m not done with this week’s part of the pattern. This week was way too emotional for me and I took a step away from the crochet hook because, in my current state, it started to feel like a chore and I have been having too much fun with the making of this blanket to let it feel like a burden. So, I put my creativity into relaxation by trying to find ways to cheer myself up.  Read more