My Proposal Story

I thought that our date to Linvilla Orchards was a serious spur of the moment trip. We talked about apple picking the week before but we didn’t make concrete plans. I was a little worried about going to an orchard a day after a rainy one but the weather was supposed to be perfect andRead more

Giveaway: Sappi McCoy – Closed

Art school gave me a great appreciation for great paper and printing processes. It’s incredible how a certain type of paper can make a print come to life and it’s amazing how some special processes such as spot varnishing can make a design pop right off a page. Most people don’t get the chance toRead more

Life after the proposal

Writing the proposal story is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be but there are so many little details I want to include so, until I get it fully written, I’m going to keep posting about whats going on in my life. Which, I suspect will become infinitely more eventful. I seriouslyRead more