The Story of a Diamond

“I saw it glitter from the corner of my eye.”

I don’t know how “it” would glitter at all. There wasn’t any electricity in the house yet and the basement was dark. The only light we had was the flashlight pen I found in my purse. It was two weeks before we were to be married and we were moving an old washing machine from the basement and into the laundry room of the home we were to share together. I flashed the flashlight pen at his dust covered hands. In it was a diamond ring1

“Are you serious? One does not simply find diamond rings on the basement floor.”

My comment turned into a solid five minutes of cheesy Lord of the Ring jokes and we laughed at every one. Not because they were funny (they were funny) but because we were in love and excited. He put the ring in the palm of my hand and told me to hold onto it. 

After we tried and failed miserably at trying to install the washing machine, we surrendered and laid flat out on the dark and empty hardwood floors. I dug into my pocket and retrieved the sweet ring and held it high so that we could both examine it. 

“I wonder who it belonged to.” he said in a curious tone. 

He took the ring this time and held it higher so that the sun from the windows could hit it and we stayed there for hours wondering. Who held the story of the diamond? Was it a sincere one? One full of love and joy? I’m not sure if we will ever know but what we do know is that the story is now ours to tell. 


  1. It is in fact a real diamond ring!

7 thoughts on “The Story of a Diamond

  1. Woah! What!

    Wait, what! He actually found a random diamond ring in your house? That is crazy and such a cool story to tell, too! Love it 🙂

  2. This is a neat story! I can’t believe you guys found a diamond ring in your house. It’s beautiful too. It makes me wonder about the story behind it too, and how old it is. It also makes me wonder if someone is out there, still looking for it.

    1. The lady them at lived here before use died of old age so we may never know the story. I wonder if it belonged to her or maybe the first owner. I have no clue! We’ve asked the realtor and the woman’s son but both said they didn’t know. I’m so curious!

  3. I love the way you have written and recalled this memory. I think it is such a beautiful gift to find, and I love that there was such happiness in it being found as well. 😀 <3

  4. That is something special. That is a beautiful ring, despite not knowing who it belongs too, maybe hold onto it and keep it? Perhaps resize it? It is beautiful after all. This reminds of an event that took place at a beach:

    I went to a nearby beach with my best friend and her family. We had just set up our spot on the sand, and we heard cries. We had no idea what or who or where they were coming from until we turned towards a woman crying hysterically. She kept yelling “I LOST my engagement ring!” she even tried digging in the sand with tears pouring down her cheeks. A life guard happened to over hear this and came by with a metal detector. He searched thinking he won’t find it, as it’s probably buried deep within the sand. Well, low and behold, he actually finds the engagement ring. The ring was placed back on her finger, and everyone applauded her and the life-guard for finding her engagement ring. It was really touching as it was a happy ending. It seems like a fairy-tale almost, but it really did happen. I actually teared when she got her ring back. I teared because I had lost my earrings that my deceased grandmother gave me, and I found them at my apartment just in time for Christmas. My friend fixed them for me and I was tearing and choking up as well. I still have them, as well as, her blanket that she used to use.

    Still, a beautiful ring and I would hold onto that ring if I were you. Though, if I were in your situation, I’d probably be going “MY PRECIOUS!”

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