Matthais Asher Liken

On April 11th, I gave birth to a tiny baby boy; Too small to survive. And yes it hurts, but I’m not at the point where I am ready to say goodbye. I know that he is gone but I still deal with the same things any mother who has carried a child full-term would go through. So, I spend this time cherishing the changes because the love that they, that he, has brought me is immeasurable. And I want to bask in them for as along as I can so that I still feel like I have him. 

I got to hold his tiny body and I got to watch his daddy hold him and love him and kiss him. And I am grateful to have had the chance to watch my husband love beyond his bounds and I am grateful that he has chosen to share that leftover love with me. I see these kind of tragedies tear families apart but it has brought us so close together. I could not have asked God for a more perfect husband and father of my children.

Oh my goodness do we grieve. Some days we choose a spot in the house and give up. We cry constantly but I know it is because we loved and we loved hard and there is comfort in knowing that if he had survived, Matthias would have been loved to the fullest. To know that we are capable of that is indescribable. I just wish he had stayed around longer to witness it. To have it. 

But he’ll have my heart forever. And ever. And ever and ever.

And I’ll continue to try to bring life from this loss. And I will continue to say his name until people acknowledge his short existence. And we will always love as hard as he made us. And we will grow and live the fullest lives we can without him. 

I watched my husband struggle with helping a woman put large items into her small car in the parking lot of a hardware store for a while. When it was all said and done, I asked him why hadn’t he given up. I know I would have and he took my hand and said:

“I want to be the father that he would have had. I want to show the world the kind of father he has.”

We’ll forever be better people because of you, Matthias. We’ll never be whole but we will forever be better. 

9 thoughts on “Matthais Asher Liken

  1. I enjoyed reading about Matthias. I feel the love that you and your husband share for him along with the sadness of trying to hold on to the memories of him. It is right that you do celebrate that love and it is just that you remember him in every way. Keep him close to your heart always ❤️

  2. You both are such strong people and I hope your memories of him continue to bring you strength .
    Always sending you happy vibes!!!

    Also….Matthais is a great name. <3

  3. This brought a tear to my eye. I am so sorry for your loss, for both of you, but I am so warmed by the love you both have within you. You made amazing parents for Matthias’s life, no matter how short it felt. And you will continue to be amazing parents ❤️

  4. Oh, Joy. This is such a heartful post. I am so sorry for your loss. I am grateful that you were able to be with Matthias for a little while. The love you have for him and the love between you and your husband — you guys are such loving people that I only want the best for you two. It may seem bleak right now, but I know you two will be truly happy in the near future. Much hugs to the both of you! *hugs*

  5. I can feel the love you guys have for your baby. You’re an amazing women and a loving mother, your journey is still continuing…with your husband by your side and God in your heart, I know you will just get stronger! <3

  6. I’m so proud of you for being brave enough to open up about your experience. I can’t imagine how it feels, but I want you to know that I’m always here for you <3 You and Josh are amazing parents, and I know in my heart Matthias knows that as well. You're a strong woman, Joy, one of the strongest I know.

  7. After being told I might not ever have children, due to my severe Endometriosis, and that I’ll 99.9% have to do IVF treatments, my heart is with you. <3 I can't find the words to comfort you in this time, but I'm sending my love and condolences to you and your family. <3

  8. Matthais Asher. What a beautiful name for a beautiful child. He definitely was a blessing for his short amount of time with you. I’m so sorry for your loss dear, but I wish you great comfort from the love you and your husband have for each other. He is everything a father can be with the example he sets even in a difficult time. <3

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