Beating the January Blues

Is it just me or does this January feel longer than the year of 2017? I mean, It’s been so dark and dreary. The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind. Ugh. I have been trying so hard to get a jump start on the new year by setting tiny personal goals for myself everyday to try and beat this inevitable funk. I don’t know what it is about January but it has me desperately wishing for Spring already. 

Besides all of the sweet comments of love and support I received on my last post, I put my foot down and pushed myself to spend, at the very least, half an hour upstairs in my studio first thing in morning. I can’t believe how effective being creative is for me and promoting stamina throughout the day. I’ve fallen into quite a nice little routine that is the perfect balance of fun and productive. I noticed that if I don’t push myself, I’m more likely to naturally find the energy or motivation to get stuff done. 

I usually sit and fill out my planner while I eat breakfast then head up into the studio. I start off by teaching myself something new every morning. Lately, I have been obsessed with coding and learning to knit socks. I recently redesigned and altered/added some code to my old theme. Before I get stressed out about a problem with either of those, I’ll dive head first into a creative project. It sounds sort of boring but I started curating a color scheme for myself. It’s actually been a huge help in identifying my personality. There is something so relaxing about it. 

And when the days get really dark and dreary, I pull out my watercolors paints and practice. I’m not perfect but there is a certain happiness in appreciating what you can do at the moment. I could have never imagined being able to hold a paintbrush two months ago, let alone finish a painting. My mother-in-law gifted me a small leather journal with handmade paper in it at Christmas. It turned out to be the best paper for working with watercolors. So, I’m either painting the blues away or reading a good book.

My creative fun usually ends at around noon and I find myself having so much motivation to do house work. I don’t think anyone will truly understand how important it is to me to be able to physically handle completing chores. I’ve always pushed through them but to have enough health and strength to joy in doing them, is a real blessing. I feel like I’m able to enjoy being home and running our household. It really is the small things.

So Tell Me.
1. Has January got you down?
2. What kind of things are you doing to combat it?

11 thoughts on “Beating the January Blues

  1. Aww, I am glad that you are able to do all of these things. 😀 Personally, I usually come up with some kind of colour scheme that I use in a design/avatar and use across a number of things. 🙂

    January was slightly difficult with a version of art-block. I have been trying a lot of other creative mediums that have been helping. It’s summer in my part of the world and the heat has been intense. I prefer when it’s cooler. 😀

  2. “What’s the date?” “January 74th?” Genuinely have felt like January has been sooooo long! It way too cold for my liking as well – I need me some sunshine in my life.

    I’m loving your creative process and I love that it’s helping you out too. Keep at it, Joy! You should show more of your work on here 😀

    January had it’s ups and downs but my new planner definitely helped iron out a few creases where I was like “I can’t do this, I can’t do this”, so that I’m so thankful I persuaded myself to purchase that planner.

  3. Ugh, there really is something about January, isn’t there? It seems to be a pretty down month for a lot of people. Doing something creative sounds like a great way to start each day though! That’s also really nice that you have a studio for it. I know I feel more focused just having a room dedicated to sewing.

    Those are cute watercolor flowers! I’ve been really enjoying watercolor too. There’s something relaxing about the way the paint flows. Knowing about the problem you had with your hands makes me realize how we take simple things for granted. I’m really happy that you’re able to do things with your hands again!

    I have to admit I didn’t combat my January blues very well, haha. I spent a lot of it watching Netflix, but now that it’s February, I’m taking part in “Fill-a-Page February” which will make me draw daily!

  4. I know how you feel about January being SO deary and awful. Although England is mostly grey (especially where I live), January this year has been very stressful, cold and grey for me. I have tried my best (as you read in my round-up post) to make the most out of the what-seemed-to-be-longer days in January. I’m glad it’s over now and we’re in the quickest month of the year (for me anyway, ALWAYS!) WE MADE IT HAHA.

    I’m really proud of you for pushing yourself to do something creative every morning. Putting that time for yourself is SO VITAL for a good day, in my opinion, I have my own morning routines and priorities when my energy is at it’s highest. Because I didn’t have lectures in January, I spent most of my mornings doing something creative – coding, doing things on my blog, drawing etc. – then doing my studies in the afternoon where I felt more primed from my creative mornings so I totally relate to you! I’m glad you’ve made the time to find things that fit your personality, my colour is purple and I can’t stop identifying with it now haha xD

    ALSO THANK YOU for the lovely comment on my blog, nice to “meet” you. I’ve been wanting to leave a comment and say hello to you for a while now too believe it or not (I’ve seen you pop up in other people’s blogs!) HI JOY. LETS BE FRIENDS.

  5. Gyah! I’m also impatiently awaiting spring, because GARDENING, but as a chionophile, I am loving winter…though I do think I have grown weak to the cold by living in a house with a woman who cranks on the heat at 69° and keeps it on until the 70s.

    I hope the rest of the year goes better for you! My January started off with me having the house to myself, then getting sick, then the dishwasher flooding the kitchen—and then we had to shampoo the living room carpet because of a mold concern…and I’m allergic to mold, and it was even making my non-allergic grandmother sick, so January was a huge mess. I escaped into Netflix.

  6. I’m happy that you’ve opened up, Joy. There will always be people supporting you through the bright and dark days. Glad to hear that you’ve been getting some work done! Keep powering through, girl!

    Your water coloring skill IS ON POINT! I would love to paint flowers like that, but I’m still trying to figure things out XD. Keep going at it with those creative projects :). Sending you lots of love~

  7. I loved reading this post. It’s so great to hear that you’re doing something creative to start your day. I’ve been trying to get up earlier so I can write before work, but I’m really struggling with it. I definitely think it’d put me in a better mood for the day though, if only I could stop snoozing my alarm! I’m glad it’s making you more motivated to do other things later in the day!

    I love the watercolour flowers you’ve painted! I used to love working with watercolours, but I always found them so difficult to use. I regularly ruined the paper by using too much water. Oops!

    I’ve not struggled too much with January this year. Getting to payday after spending too much at Christmas was the hardest part for me, but I just stopped myself from buying anything. Other than that it’s been surprisingly positive!

  8. I personally think January sped by like a tornado! I don’t know where time went! But then again, I had a really hectic- busy January with so many changes and activities.
    I love what you are doing with your morning routine! I really want to implement one myself (Even if it’s like… reading or journaling or drinking warm water calmly…) but I’m just so exhausted with my chemo/activities/work that I want to get that last minute of sleep in 🙁
    Hope spring comes quickly for you! I’m kind of over this super yo-yo weather of 8 degree one day, 65 the next…

  9. Nope. January went too fast! I was enjoying January so much.

    Though I am glad that you’re back to things you love even if it feels like you’re forcing yourself as eventually you’ll find the happiness and joy in your hobbies.

  10. Completely opposite for me here in Australia! It’s been so damn hot and I honestly just cannot wait for Autumn and for the weather to cool down enough for me to go for my morning walk without wanting to run home and lay under the air conditioner, even at 6:30am. I can’t stand summer.

    I love that you’ve become so structured and organised, and have made time to be crafty and creative. Finding the motivation is so hard sometimes, glad to hear you’re getting it back.

  11. I don’t know if I got January blues per se, but some time earlier this year, things felt a bit slow. I like that you are getting your creative juices flowing though 🙂

    I really love what you said here:

    I’m not perfect but there is a certain happiness in appreciating what you can do at the moment

    You don’t have to be perfect at something to enjoy it. It’s also how you eventually learn and get better, if you’re able to look past the fact that you’re not a master. It gives you a direction to go, even if it is vague.

    I find that I enjoy doing chores a little later in the night to wind down from a big day. I’m glad you now feel more rejuvenated and physically able to do chores ☺️ But yeah, chores can get boring and exhausting. I like to have a bit of a routine around them – every weekend we vacuum at home and try to wash all the towels in the house

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