Yarn Crush and W-I-P

It may be a little warm to be knitting socks but I was feeling adventurous. The thrill for adventure might have come from reading the first novel of the the Anne of Green Gables series. Anne reminds me a lot of myself. Her huge imagination and her thirst for whimsy and enchantment speaks directly to me. Now, I don’t have the same boldness as Anne. Neither am I as outgoing but our colorfulness is enough of a connection.

So, in my colorfulness, I thought that it would be fantastic to knit a light pair of socks to finish reading the entire AoGG series in. And with much drama (As Anne would only have it), I wasn’t going to read another one of the books until these cozy and romantic socks were done. And they had to pink! And mustard was a perfect pairing for pink, I thought. Forget the fact that I had never knitted socks in my life. Forget the fact that I was struggling with Carpel Tunnel. It didn’t matter though. These were going to be socks that Cordelia herself would be proud of.

That is when I happened upon the most perfect duo of wool that I could have ever found. In Anne dramatics, Tusken Knits had a sock kit named ‘Call Me Cordelia’. It must have been fate. Or…I have been stalking Tusken Knits’ yarn for ages. Whatever, it happened and I am not sorry for taking the plunge. They are just the perfect combo of peachy pink and speckled mustard. Total hearts eyes!

Because life isn’t as romantic though, I have only managed to get one sock done. My hands are in awful shape and I am itching to start another book in the series but this will just have to take time.

I am alright with that.  

I can use my imagination until then and picture myself cozy in my reading nook. Cold feet nuzzled in beautiful knitted wool and reading more about Anne’s adventures at Green Gables.

5 thoughts on “Yarn Crush and W-I-P

  1. Ah I loved this!
    I have yet to read the AOGG books…I need to!! If you haven’t read Little House on the Prairie, start those next!!! <3

  2. Never knitted a sock in your life! But it looks flawless! 🙂

    Good luck with the other one. I’m sure they’ll be a joy to wear when you’re done. Also, doesn’t matter if it’s warm. Socks are really nice to wear even when it gets warmer, in my opinion. You an show a lot of personality with socks too, and they are such a small part of what we wear but can be made/come in different patterns and colours and whatnot. ✨

    I can understand feeling that connection with Anne even though you may not be bold as she is. ☺️ You don’t have to have that to have something in common with someone else

  3. Pink and mustard look so good together! It’s a color pairing I didn’t really think of, but I think it looks great on your socks. The one you knitted so far looks so warm and comfy too. I hope your hands improve soon, so you can work on the other one!

  4. Wow, that is one gorgeous sock!! I have wanted to attempt making socks but just not sure I have it in me. It looks fabulous. And I have an idea…what about listening to an audiobook of the second Anne book while knitting socks? Then you can do both loveable things at once!! Of course, when your hands are better, which I hope will be real soon!

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