26 Little Things: Update

At the beginning of this year, I was feeling really uneasy about creating resolutions. They always seemed to set me up for failure and I would, most likely, feel worse at the end of the year than I started because I had this constant reminder of those failures written down and displayed. I, instead, decided to pick 26 little things that I could accomplish throughout the year. It was my way of being able to check things off of a list no matter how simple they seemed. For one, doing these ordinary things don’t come easily for someone with my health. Secondly, It just feels good checking items off of a list. 

This year, every one of the tasks listed was accomplished and some of them even turned out to be such amazing adventures. I let go of my expectations and was pleasantly surprised with all the universe had to offer me in 2018. Let us run through them really fast.

26 Little Things

Look up at the sky for 10 minutes. Write about it, draw it or take a picture as a memory.

For our anniversary this year, we ventured up to the Pocono mountains and spent it by Lake Wallenpaupack. Josh loves to go fishing and it was my present to him to get a hotel right across the street from the lake. The owner of the hotel even let us use his private dock to fish off of and we spent every night there until the sun went down. It was magical and romantic. 

Try a new recipe and share it with family and friends.

Visit a new place in your current town/city.

Wow. There are so many new places on this list. I really took the time this year to explore Philadelphia (and it’s surrounding towns) with husband and my sister. We tried an awesome Chinese and French fusion restaurant in Chestnut Hill. We found the food court at the Korean market called HMart. We tried their Korean Fried Chicken and the pork soup dumplings. The Paris Baguette Cafe made me feel like I was away for a few moments. Uncle Bobbie’s felt like a little piece of home. I found a fabric store and an art supply store a short walk away from my house. It has been a good year in Philadelphia.  #ilivehere

Spend the entire day without electronics or technology.

Watch a sunrise.

Read a book waterside (pool, beach, lake etc).

I also read A LOT this year! Josh and I spent so much time visiting the city’s parks this Spring and Summer so I was able to get in some relaxing reading time while he fished by the creek. I read Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and enjoyed the sounds the creek made when no one else was around. 

Create a piece of artwork and display it somewhere proudly in the house.

Buy flowers for your favorite room in the house. 

Have dinner by candlelight.

Allow yourself to buy something you really wanted.

I love collecting Teacups, I don’t think that’s a secret. My problem is that I feel so guilty when I buy a new one and I don’t know why. I’m a very simple girl, I don’t ask for much, but buying things just because I want them and not because they have any real purpose scares the life out of me. Especially now with my “do what you can with what you have” mantra but I allowed myself to buy two lovely new teacups to add to my collection.

Wear pajama’s all day.

People watch for an hour in a relaxing spot. 

Pamper your day with an at-home spa. 

Have family and friends over for a potluck.

Finish something you’ve been putting off. 

I was gifted a quilting technique kit to practice my skills almost two years ago but I was so intimidated by it that it just sat in the closest. At some point, I felt inspired and decided to have a go at it. The mini quilt turned out so beautiful and I was so proud of myself. It now hangs proudly in my craft room.

Write a poem or short story.

Bake cookies and gift them to someone.

Have dessert for breakfast.

Wrap in a blanket and watch your favorite movie.

I recently watched Love Actually whilst cozied up on the couch with a blanket that I have made. Pretty solid decision!

Write a letter to someone.

Reminisce over old photographs.

Make a new friend.

I just realized that we don’t have any pictures together even though we’ve hung out a couple of times but I made a new friend here in the city! We actually went to the same art school. She graduated just as I entered but we connected over the internet and then we took the plunge and met in person for the first time this summer. We dyed some T-shirts. You can check her out over at her website, dollypeepers.com. She’s a pretty talented artist and is always looking for new chances to create!

Go for a walk in the park.

Have a cup of tea on a rainy or snowy day.

Start a new hobby.

Wear your favorite outfit.

Accomplishing this small list of, seemly, meaningless task has rebooted my passion for life. I was able to appreciate what “little” I was able to receive and they turned out to hold such a big purpose. I definitely enjoy and understand every aspect of living now. So much so that I’m looking forward to bigger adventures in 2019.


3 thoughts on “26 Little Things: Update

  1. Awww, I am so happy that you were able to complete all of these things. Creating a list of things ‘to-do’ is very personal and we all have to approach it differently. I am just so glad you were able to do many things in 2018 and I can only wish you the best in 2019.

  2. I love the idea of a list of little things. I used to make really ambitious resolutions and then never complete them. Making a list of realistic things to do makes more sense! I also love that some things sound really simple, but you made a larger experience out of it. Watching the sun go down over the lake sounds like such a wonderful experience.

    I’m also glad you found so many good new places to go to! My husband and I used to try a new place every weekend, and I feel like we need to go back to doing that. (We have HMart with a food court too, and it’s great!) The new teacup is sooo pretty, and the mini quilt turned out great. I think it’s awesome that you collect teacups. I’ve been trying to live a more minimalist life, but I make an exception for collections I really enjoy. After all, if it makes you happy, then it’s worth it 🙂

    I really like the things you chose for your list, and reading over it makes me want to do some of it now. Congrats on checking them all off!

  3. A list of little things to complete instead of resolutions? This acutally sounds like the perfect things for me! I always get put off when it comes to writing down goal because I always veer to setting ones that are grandiose and then feeling like complete rubbish when I don’t complete by the end of the year! I’m glad you were able to check the things off your list – you accomplished some really amazing things <3

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